The most efficient way to keep your truck on the road

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We ensure the safety and reliability of your truck at all times. We offer the convenience of a network of more than 1,000 dealers across Europe, and we help you save money along the way!



Five reasons to choose Allers Bedrijfswagens as your DAF dealer:

1. Efficient

Our service technicians receive ongoing specialist training in order to remain on the leading edge of truck maintenance. No one knows your trucks like we do! This especially applies also to older vehicles. “Whatever the truck’s age, all trucks are handled with the same care and attention.” – John Jans-Beken, After Sales Manager at Allers Bedrijfswagens.


2. Professional

We get the job done. We explain what we are doing and keep you informed along the way. “When your truck is at our dealership, we make sure you know you’re standing alongside professionals.” – Twan Schripsema, After Sales Manager at Allers Bedrijfswagens.


3. 24/7

We are there FOR YOU when you need us, whatever the time, day or night, wherever you are; we help you to get your truck back on the road immediately. “My trucks operate around Europe so it’s reassuring to know that I can get help no matter where they are.” – manager of an international transport company.


4. Flexible

Any kind of job, big or small, visit one of our dealerships and we will fix it as soon as humanly possible. “Whatever the question or time, please remember you can always rely on Allers Bedrijfswagens.” – Erik Meulenberg, Sales Manager at Allers Bedrijfswagens.


5. Proactive

Our intimate understanding of DAF trucks helps us alert you to issues before they arise. “With their knowledge and experience our DAF technicians can prevent breakdowns. They keep your truck on the road.” – Sven Jakubeit, Sales Manager Parts and Service at Allers Bedrijfswagens.


We hope to see you soon at one of our workshops.