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“The thing that is so exceptional about Allers is simply a matter of clarity: we say what we do and do what we say.”

Experienced partner
Allers Bedrijfswagens has been a specialist in selling trucks for over seventy years and has been selling DAF trucks for sixty of them. Our claim of being an experienced partner for the Logistics sector is therefore fully justified! We provide services throughout Limburg, the south-east regions of Brabant and Nordrhein-Westfalen. Ten of our sales representatives routinely visit the logistics companies in the Oss-Krefeld-Maastricht triangle.


Clarity in advance
We offer customised transport solutions to our clients – but not before we have made a thorough analysis of their wishes and needs. In our capacity as an advisory partner for our clients, we make the right recommendations for the right truck with the right capacity and superstructure. Our offer tells you precisely what has been agreed, which terms and conditions apply and when delivery can take place.



Complete package
In addition to delivering your entire vehicle, our sales representatives will inform you of all the possibilities regarding repair and maintenance contracts. Our sales team will also be able to help you if you need information about financing and insurance.
Customised solutions
Because Allers makes use of multiple partners for bodywork, hydraulic loading and unloading systems, garbage truck and other superstructures, the client can choose from all kinds of options. Good harmonisation between our sales department, superstructure builders and after sales department ensures that agreements come to fruition. A strict timetable is drawn up for each delivery and every truck is finished in accordance with the highest quality standards.