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Since 1945
Allers Bedrijfswagens was set up in 1945 under the name of Garage A. Allers-Beurskens. After the Second World War, the company focused on solving the shortage of trucks for civilian purposes by buying up military trucks and converting them to this end. The conversion of these ‘peace trucks’ to diesel trucks and their maintenance and repair thus made up the company’s most significant activities.

DAF dealer since 1957
In 1957, the company was appointed as dealer for the DAF brand for north and central Limburg. By 1979, the activities had grown to the extent that Allers opened its third branch. Besides its regular activities, it began extending and reducing wheel bases, repairing chassis and damage, converting and repairing skip loaders and lifting equipment and revising chassis of trailers and semi-trailers. In 1982, Allers opened its first branch outside the Venlo region through a takeover in Venray. Many others were to follow.

Operating area expands
As is still the case, Allers followed the industrial development in the adjoining areas. As a result of the construction of the A73 and A77 motorways and the new Gennep-Goch border crossing, the need for a well-equipped truck dealer arose. The disposal of repair facilities by clients resulted in the further growth of the company.

Quality first
The quality of our work, working methods and employees has been the key focus at Allers over the years and throughout the growth of the organisation. The Allied Quality Assurance Publications (AQAP) 4 edition 2 certificate was, for example, obtained as early as 1989. In 1990, Allers was the first company in the truck manufacturing sector to be awarded ISO 9002 certification in Europe. All Allers branches currently comply with ISO 9002. Various other environmental and quality marks and certificates for repairs and maintenance followed, including BS7750.

The unification of Europe meant that it was important for Allers to develop its activities over the border in Germany. In 1991, Allers acquired Klein, located in Krefeld, a firm of 135 years standing with an excellent track record for service.

Working Conditions
Allers is committed to having all matters relating to working conditions properly organised, not only for our clients and their products, but for our own employees too. In 1997, Allers Bedrijfswagens was awarded the EU certificate for good health and safety practices at the place of work. In 2003, Allers was proclaimed ICT work placement company of the year. The organisation has continued to train new employees and provide work experience places for regional centres for secondary vocational education ever since. As a result of various takeovers, Allers currently has more than 250 employees in the Netherlands and Germany.

New activities
Various opportunities arose because of changes to legislation and regulations in 2003. Apart from its excellent contacts with its existing suppliers, Allers therefore entered into a long-term collaboration with an additional partner in the field of parts to ensure that the entire range in the sector was covered. As the exclusive Europart distributor for the southern region of the Netherlands, Allers Parts delivers truck and trailer parts of all brands as well as consumables and garage equipment. Europart is a highly reputable supplier and is active in 16 European countries.

In 2005, because the Allers Group’s ICT activities were becoming increasingly prominent and it was providing services for third parties, Automotive Service & Support Europe B.V. (ASSE) was set up. ASSE is currently housed at Traffic Port in Venlo.