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“Our team of experts is ready to keep your transport on the move 24/7”

Central location
Allers Bedrijfswagens is located physically in the logistics centre of Europe, and so is its provision of services. Allers has branches conveniently positioned at intersections of the north-south and east-west transport corridors. We provide services throughout the regions of south eastern Brabant, Limburg and Nordrhein-Westfalen. All transport from the Rotterdam and Antwerp ports to the Ruhr district passes by our locations. This also applies to most goods being transported to Eastern and Southern Europe.
Allers Bedrijfswagens: the transport sector’s leading all-round provider of mobility services.

Easily accessible
All of our branches are located within the immediate proximity of major motorways. We make use of various simple and effective concepts for providing optimum service:
o Sales of new trucks and accessories
o Purchase and sales of used trucks and trailers
o Totale Care maintenance and repair facilities for complete combinations, including superstructure
o Our specialities include hydraulics, loading cranes, loading platforms and buses
o Complete certification for legally required inspections and checks
o Online and offline sales of all the parts you need for your operations
o Short and long-term truck rentals
o Extensive leasing, financing and insurance facilities
o Worldwide import and export
Allers Bedrijfswagens: comprehensive, innovative and always accessible.

DAF dealer
Allers Bedrijfswagens is a full-service DAF Truck dealer that has eight branches serving its entire operating area. We have more than 135 certified technicians trained by DAF Trucks to keep your trucks in the best condition and on the road. The 30 employees in our Sales Department are extremely knowledgeable and will be pleased to work with you in finding exactly the right transport solution. Allers is also the right place to find used trucks. At Trade Port West in Venlo, we always have a large stock made up predominantly of late-model DAF trucks that provide excellent technical and economical alternatives to new trucks.


Allers Bedrijfswagens: best price for money, and solid quality guarantees.